Center for Photofunctional Energy Materials (Jukjeon)

In 2008, SMR Center was selected as the Gyunggido Regional Research Center (GRRC). In the next 12 years, it will devote all the efforts to element application through solar energy material development, and its complexation which is necessary for future cutting-edge technology and illumination element.

Future Internet Convergence Research Center (Jukjeon)

As the ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning's talent cultivation program for broadcasting resources, the center conducts research on core future internet technology, ICT convergence and relevant business strategies. The center also provides support for devising next generation national internet policies and other related programs while generating practical research outcomes through diverse industry academia partnership projects.

Organic Optoelectronic Materials Research Center (Jukjeon)

The center was founded after being selected for the BK21 PLUS project with the mission to develop functional material for organic devices, help its commercialization and foster research specialists and technical experts in the field.

Research Center for Integrated Software on Smarter Things (Jukjeon)

The center was founded after being selected for the BK21 PLUS project. Its role is to develop integrated software for intelligent objects, prepare for its commercialization, foster research professionals in this field, support core R&D efforts at local companies and leverage human exchanges to promote the local economy.

Research Center for Organic and Inorganic High-order Ductile Chemical Compounds (Jukjeon)

Beckman Laser Institute-Korea Center (Cheonan)

BLI-Korea was founded jointly with the Beckman laser institute in the U.S., which possesses the most advanced source technology in biomedical optics in the world. The mission of the institute is to develop cancer diagnosis technology using lasers, technology for cutting-edge optical and medical devices, and also cultivate talent in this field.

NBM Global Research Center for Regenerative Medicine (Cheonan)

It has developed the core technology for clinical rehabilitation application by developing stem cell controlling and neogenesis and bio-nano materials.

Research Center for Bio-cultural Heritage of Mongolian Area (Cheonan)

The center was founded after being selected for the BK21 PLUS project with the aim of cultivating researchers on biocultural heritage in Mongolia. The center is also in charge of developing an education program on Mongolia’s bio-cultural heritage studies, setting up a relevant
curriculum, collecting data, operating a data center, issuing books on bio-cultural heritage in Mongolia, planning contents and cultural events, etc.

Global Research Center for Animal Science (Cheonan)

The center was founded after being selected for the BK21 PLUS project to carry out convergence research on life science technology and changes in the biological nature of animals. Training on handling livestock in a safe and environment friendly manner helps educate global
experts in animal resources science to offer tailored research and development to businesses.