Research Institute of Information and Communication Convergence Technology (Jukjeon)

Responsible for the campus's IT research institute, it takes the role as a conduit between domestic and foreign companies. Strengthened research ability will allow leading research groups to attract large research projects.

Institute of Media Content (Jukjeon)

Fusing traditional humanities with the CT industry, this IMC nurtures professionals to lead the media-content industry.

Academy of Asian Studies (Jukjeon)

This institute was created to conduct research and educate professional researchers in the fields of Oriental studies and East Asian cultures. The most notable accomplishment being the completed compilation of the Chinese-Korean Dictionary. In addition, the institute is and currently working onvarious projects on CT contents provisions.

Institute of Bio-Science and Technology (Cheonan)

By gathering personnel and facilities for BT-related research, which is part of Cheonan Campus's development strategy field, we can focus on developing international groups of leading scientists.