Nurturing Biomedical and Foreign Language Experts

Bio Technology (BT) Specialization

Building a cluster for life sciences

  • Academic departments for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nanoscience and life sciences are concentrated on campus
  • Operating the Dankook University Hospital and Dankook Dental Hospital, and engaging in active clinical research
  • Close cooperation with BT research institutes in nearby Osong Bio-health Science Technopolis and Daedeok Science Complex
  • Institute of Bioscience and Technology established: Focused support for BT related research projects

Focus on cutting-edge medical science

  • Selected for the nanobiomedical science WCU business (2008)
  • New departments in the area of healthcare opened during the past 2 years: The departments of Biomedical Laboratory Science, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene and Healthcare Administration
Nurturing Biomedical and Foreign Language Experts

Foreign Language Specialization

10 foreign language departments were established to foster language and regional experts

  • Departments of English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Middle Eastern studies, Mongolian Studies and Portuguese language
  • Developing regional experts who not only display language fluency, but who are also familiar with local culture and societies
  • Preparing programs for each academic department that highlight their majors

Infrastructure for learning foreign languages

  • Providing a venue for frequent interaction with foreigners on campus
  • Dankook International Summer/Winter School programs: A language learning program where international students from foreign sister universities are invited to participate
Nurturing Biomedical and Foreign Language Experts