Cutting-edge Disciplines to Lead the 21st Century

Information Technology (IT) Specialization

Favorable campus location for IT specialization

  • High-tech IT industries and relevant research talent are concentrated in the Bundang, Pangyo, Gwanggyo and Jukjeon areas surrounding the campus
  • Active industry-academic partnerships and exchanges with nearby high tech industrial complexes

All engineering divisions certified with ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in Korea) accreditation

  • Fostering engineers on par with international standards
  • Students majoring in semiconductor related departments are offered field experience opportunities for semiconductor processing at sister universities in the U.S.

Strengthening education in mobile sectors, the new growth engine of the 21st century

  • College of International Studies (Dept. of Mobile Systems Engineering)
  • Dankook APP Center, Dankook-Samsung Mobile Research Institute
Cutting-edge Disciplines to Lead the 21st Century

Culture Technology (CT) Specialization

Academic departments related to cultural contents development are concentrated on campus

  • Convergent studies are conducted among departments in the colleges of Humanities, Social Science, Media and Arts
  • Securing an advantage in specialization with Gyeonggi Province’s plans to develop its cultural contents industry

CT specialization through focused support on cinematography and arts

  • Established the Graduate School of Cinematic Contents
  • Dankook Global Video Contents Lab opens in Los Angeles

Possessing leading capabilities in Oriental studies

  • Completed the ‘Great Chinese-Korean Dictionary’, the world’s largest unabridged Chinese dictionary, with a digital version currently underway
  • Leading institution for Oriental studies in Korea
Cutting-edge Disciplines to Lead the 21st Century