Korean Culture Technology Institute

The institute has researched comprehensive theories and practice regarding Korean culture and technology, which has led to practical uses, especially to understand and develop cultures and technologies for the 21st century.

Institute of Asian and American Studies

Research on society, culture, history and common interests between Korea and East Asia, and the Arab and Latin American countries has been promoted.

Institute for Mongolian Studies

Through the overall research and business in Mongol, it has contributed to the relationship between Korea and Mongolia to improve the quality of university education. It is implementing the compilation project of the『Mogolian-Korean Dictionary』 including the most comprehensive, copious and precise examples in the world.

Institute of Northern Cultures

The purpose of the institute is to study the cultures of the Northern region and understand Northern culture to further advance Korean culture. In particular, efforts are being made to create a new civilization by segmenting Northeast Asia and Central Asia into independent cultural areas.

Dankook Humanities Institute

On the foundation of humane science in academical cooperation, it converges theory and practice, to extend humane perspectives and to contribute to the reciprocal understanding.

The GCC Institute

A geographical approach is taken to identify various partnership options to cooperate with the six countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait) of the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC in politics, economy, society and culture.

Research Institute for Co-operative Culture and Economics

CCERC has explored development policy for cooperative coexistence to solve regional, ideological, national, and hierarchical interest conflict.

Institute of Basic Science

Through foundation research in basic and applied science areas, our institute has contributed to the development of natural science and natural science education.

Institute of Information Technology

The Institute of Information Technology has cultivated professionals in the information technology and information development area. We are dedicated to an information oriented society through industry-academic cooperative research.

Institute of New Materials Technology

The Institute of New Materials Technology focuses on research and development of technologies related to new materials, such as basic research for new materials and their applied products, industry-academic cooperatives, and participation in basic field research.

Medical Laser and Device Research Center

The Medical Laser and Device Research Center has contributed to the development of high-tech medical equipment, focusing on research in advanced laser treatments for clinical applications.

Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering

The institute furthers the fusion of medicine, dentistry, life and engineering. It considers regenerative medicine fields to meet the needs of the world.

Institute of Dental Science

The institute has operated further education for basic dental research, dental device research and development, and local dental doctors to develop dentistry research areas and the progress.

Life Science Pharmaceutical Research Center

LMRC has contributed to national health improvement, medical pharmacy development, and national economic progress by activating joint tasks with other research centers, elevating the level of related area of clinical medicine pharmacy through the systematic and well-organized research activities to world class standards.

Clinical Trial Institute

With the establishment of the College of Pharmacy, the center has been active in the Chungchung area by supporting all stages of pharmaceutical development in the biomedicinal industry.

Institute of International Cooperation on Agriculture

In cooperation with Diplomatic Service's Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), IICA has implemented intensive in depth research with cooperation of national institutes and other university research organizations, since it was designated as a management center for national agricultural genetic resources as well as an evaluating center for GMO environmental danger.

Research Institute of Bio- Resources and Environment

This institute has focused on the development of environment-friendly and conservative biological research.

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture

Through scientific and technological development of the organic industry in South Korea, we have achieved global success in the promotion of organic agriculture.