Institute of Japanese Studies

Through comprehensive research on Japan's academic and social sciences, this institute has contributed to the development of research on Japan in Korea.

Institute for Education of School Subjects

Through the theoretical study of education, a curriculum using effective learning materials and assessment tools is being developed.

Institute of Legal Studies

Through study of theory, practice, and legal research, we contribute to legal development and provide a competitive legal education adaptable to globalization and legal information technology.

Center for Dispute Resolution

CDR is the first professional center as the dispute resolution provider center for disputes in Korea. By performing academic and institutional research on conflict resolution in the domestic and international arenas, we provide solutions for the reasonable and peaceful settlement of disputes.

Institute for Social Science

Based on a variety of ways of approaching modern social science, in the field of social science research, research policy issues, and policy analysis, multi-functional cooperation between the fields are being pursued.

Wooseok Research Institute on Korea’s Territory Studies

The institute carries out comprehensive research on a wide range of issues related to the territorial boundaries of South Korea in relation to the territorial disputes that are breaking out among East Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan.

Institute of Future Industry Research

This institute has performed theoretical studies of industry and services from an outside perspective.

Institute for Urban & Real Estate Studies

Through comprehensive research on regional development policies and the local culture, this institute contributes to social development by suggesting scientific approaches.

Special Education Research Institute

By researching and disseminating results of children's psychological and educational difficulties, we have contributed to the field of children's special education.

Institute of Public Policy and Science

The institute has contributed to the establishment of policies to promote the development of local communities by suggesting social policies suitable to the communities and promoting the financial independence of local governments.

Institute of Nanosensor and Biotechnology

To develop new biotechnology drugs in conjunction with advanced nano-technology and molecular biology techniques, we have been developing early diagnosis and treatment at the nano and molecular levels.

Institute of Architecture, Architectural and Urban Technology

Areas such as architectural planning and design, architectural engineering technology, urban planning and design, academic researches, practical projects, and basic and applied researches are considered.

Seismic Retrofitting and Remodeling Research Center

Academic research and applied research in the field of antiseismic performance evaluation and maintenance of buildings, plus reinforcement technology and remodeling design are investigated.

Multimedia Industrial Technology Institute

This institute’s role is in building up a cooperative system of industry-academic research and development.

Institute of Advances in Science and Technology

This institute researches and develops future science technology in the fields of energy, bio-chemical engineering, new materials, and new processes.

Personal Protection Equipment Center

The scientific development of protective clothing and protective gear improves the reliability of these products.

Research Institute for Industrial Technology

We have developed new industrial technologies through research, studies and design to contribute to the overall industrial technology of the world.

Institute of Material and Chemical Testing

By promoting the improvement of product quality and supporting small and medium sized businesses, this institute is contributing to the development of the petrochemical, polymer chemistry and machinery industries.

Contents and Convergence Technology Institute

By strengthening the research capabilities of core technology in CT and its convergence technology in service and distribution, and by building on organic cooperative systems, our institute has researched content-related technology.

Institute of Ceramic Studies

By researching Korea's traditional and modern ceramics, we have contributed to the industrialization of ceramics and life pottery.

Creative Human Resources Development Center

Medical Engineering Translational Research Center