Graduate School of Business Administration

  • Business administration: Asset Management, Marketing, Personnel and Organization Management, Logistics and Distribution, Business Consulting, Art Management, International Trade, Tourism and Hotel Management, Food Services Industry, Tax and Accounting, Financial Accounting, Sports Marketing, Golf Management
  • Department of Negotiations: Negotiations
  • Department of Global e-SCM: Global e-SCM retraining
    ※ The Department of Global e-SCM is managed separately based on a convention with the SMB Administration

Graduate School of Public Administration and Legal Studies

Public Administration Division

  • Department of Public Administration: General administration, local autonomous governments, policy science, security administration
  • Department of Social Welfare: Social welfare
  • Department of Health Administration: Health administration
  • Department of Family Counseling: Family counseling

Legal Affairs Division

  • Department of Labor Law: Labor acts
  • Department of Convergence Security: Crime scene investigations, convergence security, fire safety measures
  • Department of Real Estate Law: Real estate acts

Graduate School of Education

Jukjeon Campus

  • Department of Pedagogy: Counseling psychology, Korean language education, English language education, history education, social studies education, chemistry education, biology education, mathematics education, music education, art education, physical education, nutrition education, gifted education

Cheonan Campus

  • Department of Pedagogy: English language education, Japanese language education, mathematics education, physical education

Graduate School of Special Education

  • Department of Special Education: Early childhood special education, elementary special education, secondary special education, speech therapy, physical / occupational therapy, psychotherapy, lifelong education for the those with special needs

Graduate School of Information Convergence Technology and Entrepreneurship

  • Departments of Media and Communication, AI Engineering, IT Convergence, Information & Communications.Food Science and Nutrition Information, Global Intellectual Property, Globlal Entrepreneurship, ICT Seismic Design and Super-tall Building Engineering

Graduate School of Culture, Arts and Design

  • Department of Performing Arts: Musicals and theatrical performances
  • Department of Popular Music: Popular music production and management
  • Department of Culture Management: Cultural administration, policies and planning; museum management
  • Department of Communication Design: Communication design
  • Department of Design: Convergent designs, floral designs, beauty artistic designs
  • Department of Coffee: Coffee

Graduate School of Real Estate and Construction

  • Department of Urban and Real Estate Development: Urban and real estate development
  • Department of Real Estate Management: Real estate management
  • Department of Civil and Environmental System Engineering: Architectural safety engineering, civil system engineering
  • Department of Environment & Landscape Architecture: Landscape planning, environment restoration, golf course construction and management

Graduate School of Policy and Business Administration (Cheonan)

  • Department of Public Administration: Public administration, police administration
  • Department of Business Administration: Business administration, trade, tax accounting, business intelligence
  • Department of Culture & Arts: Cultural arts
  • Department of Special Law: Special legal affairs
  • Department of Asset Management: Real estate asset management, financial asset management
  • Department of Counseling Psychology: Counseling psychology

Graduate School of Sport Science (Cheonan)

  • Department of Sports Medicine: Clinical exercise, sports rehabilitation
  • Department of Sports Industry: Sports industry
  • Department of Leisure and Sports Instruction: Leisure and sports (game) instruction
  • Department of Martial Arts: Martial arts

Graduate School of Health and Welfare (Cheonan)

  • Department of Social Welfare: Social welfare
  • Department of Health Welfare: Health
  • Department of Dental Health: Dental health
  • Department of Clinical Nursing: Geriatric nursing
  • Department of Health and Beauty: Health and beauty