Department of Data Science to pave the way for Big Data professionals

  • In cooperation with SAP Korea, the program prepares students with both the theoretical orientation and practical application needed for Big Data management
  • Hands-on field training using the SAP Hana platform
  • Internship opportunities at SAP Korea and job referral opportunities at global data analysis firms are expected

Shaping eminent researchers through academic integration

  • Training outstanding research professionals through convergence and consilience
  • Operating joint undergraduate-graduate school programs
  • Overseas academic training program for graduate school students
Graduate School Departments
Jukjeon Campus Cheonan Campus
Korean Language and Literature, Literary Creative Writing,
English Language and Literature,
Japanese Language and Literature,
Chinese Language and Literature,
Chinese-Korean Translation and Interpretation,
Middle Eastern and African Studies, Sino-Korean Studies,
Philosophy, Education, Counseling, Special Education,
Speech Language Pathology, Law, Public Administration,
Political Science and Diplomacy, Urban Planning and Real
Estate, Communication,
Business Administration, Economics, International Trade,
Applied Statistics
Mongolian Studies,
Environmental and Resource Economics,
European Language and Literature, Public Management,
Science Education, Mathematics Education,
Korean & Asian Traditional Dress
Physics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Mathematics,
Food Science and Nutrition, Chemistry, Biological Science,
Animal Biotechnology, Crop Science & Biotechnology,
Environmental Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,
Public Health Science, Clinical Pathology, Nursing,
Pharmacy, Nanobiomedical Science, Horticultural Therapy
Architectural Studies, Architectural Engineering,
Polymer Engineering, Fiber Systems Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering,
Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science,
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Convergent Systems Engineering,
Data and Knowledge Service Engineering,
AI-based Convergence, Medical Consilience Engineering,
Foundry Engineering
Industrial Engineering, Food Engineering,
Advanced Materials Engineering, Energy Engineering,
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Ceramic Arts, Communication Design,
Korean Classical Music, Music, Physical Education, Dance,
Fashion and Merchandise Design,
Sport Science Convergence, Performing Art, Craft Design,
Fine Arts, Sculpture, E-sports, Plastic Arts, Culture and Arts
Exercise and Medical Science, New Music,
Sports Health Care
IT-Law Joint Program,
Industry-Academia-Research Joint Program,
Future ICT Convergence and Start-up,
Science and technology policy convergence
Medicine, Dentistry
  Medical Laser, Industry-Academia-Research Joint Program