Beomjeong, Jang Hyeong

Mr. Beomjeong (梵亭), Chang Hyong (張炯)
1889.1.18 - 1964.12.30

Anguished at the establishment of the Japanese Government-General’s rule in Korea, Mr. BeomJeong, Chang Hyong decided to halt his studies at the Bosung Technical Academy and head to Manchuria, where he dedicated himself to the Korean independence movement.

He undertook a series of infiltration missions within Korea to raise funds for the independence movement by covertly contacting local nationalist capitalists, with whom he was able to build deep and lasting relationships. His friendship with Mrs. Hyedang (惠堂), Cho Huijae (趙喜在) was also built upon such patriotic camaraderie. Having witnessed the social chaos that followed the nation’s independence, Mr. Beomjeong, Chang Hyong recognized the need to newly educate talented individuals armed with unwavering patriotism. He was able to realize such ambitions thanks to the help of Mrs. Hyedang, Cho Huijae, who also possessed her own visions and passion in the field of education - her private funds, along with those of other similarly dedicated benefactors, allowed him to establish the university.

He dedicated himself to the institution’s growth after it was finally founded, and received the Order of Merit for National Foundation during the 1963 Commemoration of the Independence Movement Day, awarded for his service towards independence.

Hyaedang, Joh Heujae

Mrs. Hyedang (惠堂), Cho Huijae (趙喜在)
1892.2.12 - 1947.11.3

Mrs. Hyedang, Cho Huijae was exemplary in her management of household funds through her vigilant frugality and independent mindset. Her husband Park Kihong, had dedicated himself to education by running the Jang-Hoon Academy with those such as Mr. Youn Chiho, but had prematurely passed away without achieving the full scope of his ideals. Nevertheless, his wife remained vigilant and awaited independence.

Following independence, she set out to establish a new university funded purely by nationalist capital, armed with her husband’s belief that education completes men and provides the solid foundation for a nation. Based on her previously established friendship with Mr. Beomjeong, Chang Hyong, she generously provided the basic funds necessary for the establishment of a foundation.

She dedicated herself to the establishment of the university despite suffering from a chronic ailment, and finally passed away two days after the institution was finally approved. After her death, her only daughter Mrs. Ahjeong (雅庭) Park Jeong-Suk (朴正淑) followed her path and helped Mr. Beomjeong in improving the university.