Eligible Candidate

A Person with at least a high school diploma or the equivalent

Admission Process

Apply Document
Trip to

How to Apply

  • Send e-mail with attached documents
  • E-mail address : ildku@dankook.ac.kr (for both Jukjeon and Cheonan campus)
  • E-mail subject form : [Campus] Nationality / Student Name
                            (e.g.) [Jukjeon] England / Ed Sheeran
                            (e.g.) [Cheonan] South Korea / Hong, Gildong
  • * Please be aware that if you do not follow the email subject form, your application may be omitted from the document review.

Required Documents

Required Documents Visa
(F, E, etc)
Application form  (download)     Submit after signing
ID photo     - 3cm x 4cm
- White background
A copy of passport      
A copy of alien registration card     - Only if applicable
- Issued by Korea
A copy of graduation certificate
from the most recently attended institution

Chinese students with high school diploma except Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao) should submit online verification report of higher education qualification certificate from www.chsi.com.cn

- Vocational secondary school graduates is required the verification by the consulate general of Republic of Korea in China (Online CHSI is not acceptable)

A copy of transcript
from the above institution
A copy of balance statement      

- Over USD 10,000

- Should be an official certificate from your bank

Birth certificate or
kinship certificate
Proof of nationality of family members
(citizenship, copy of passport, etc.)
      - Both parents need to provide the documents.
An NHIS certificate of the insured       - Visa holders only
  • All documents should be written in Korean, English.
  • Graduation certificates must be either "Apostille notarized or Korean consular verification" (for China, please submit an academic certification report in English).
  • When submitting an original Korean or English transcript issued by your high school or college, you do not need an apostille, consular verification, and translation notarization.
  • In addition to the documents specified above, additional documents may be requested depending on the circumstances.
  • When submitting the certificate of kinship, if the parents are divorced or deceased, a government issued document is required to prove this.
  • Those who pass the document screening must submit all documents in original form.
  • Submitted admission documents will not be returned.
  • Those who enrolled in [Cheonan Campus] should live in a dormitory for the designated dates (about 10~20 weeks)
  • Result will be announced in 1~2 weeks from each semester's the deadline.

Visa Application

You should apply D-4 visa to Korean Embassy after you get an admission letter from Global Education Center.

Visa Extension

To extend your D-4 visa, you should prepare the documents described as below:

  • Certificate of enrollment issued by the Global Education Center
  • Transcript or attendance confirmation
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Application form (Justice form)
  • Real-estate contract (or dormitory residence certificate)
  • Procedure fee
  • Passport

Registration Card

To issue your registration card in Korea, you should prepare the documents described as below:

  • Certificate of enrollment issued by the Global Education Center
  • 1 ID photo
  • Application form
  • Real-estate contract (or dormitory residence certificate)
  • Stamp duty
  • Passport


For Cheonan Campus, students must stay in our dormitory for their first semester (appx. 10 weeks)

  • About 8,000 won per night (12,000 won per night for 2-in-a-room dormitory)
  • The housing policy and charge may be changed upon circumstances.