About the Korean Language Courses

The Korean language Courses at Dankook University's Global Education Center seek to provide opportunities for overseas Koreans and foreigners living in Korea to learn about its language and culture. It opens 4 semesters a year, with a semester consisting of 10 weeks. Classes run 5 days a week (Mon to Fri) and culture classes are offered.


Korean Language Courses Acadecmic Year, semester, period, Application deadline
Academic Year Semester Period Application Deadline



2022.03.14. - 2022.05.20.



2022.06.07. - 2022.08.12.



2022.09.12. - 2022.11.18.



2022.12.05. - 2022.02.10.


2021 Spring 2021.03.08. - 2021.05.14. 2021.01.15.(Fri)
Summer 2021.06.07. - 2021.08.13. 2021.04.16.(Fri)
Fall 2021.09.06. - 2021.11.12. 2021.06.30.(Wed)
Winter 2021.11.29. - 2022.01.28. 2021.10.01.(Fri)


Korean Language Courses Curriculum
Course Hours Contents
Regular Language Class Monday to Friday
09:00-13:00 (4hr)
• Recommendable to applicants who wish to go to university or wish to study language studies.
• Listening, speaking, writing, and reading classes for each level of students.
• Able to learn basic conversation, grammar, and Korean campus life.
• Includes culture classes 1-2 times a semester.
Culture Class 1-2 times a semester
09:00-13:00 (4hr)
• Pottery, World Food Festival, Taekwondo, Train trip, etc.
• Visits traditional spots, museums, Korean village, or Korean movies.

* The curriculum and hours may be changed according to circumstances.

Tuition Fee

Korean Language Courses Tuition Fee

Admission Fee

Tuition Fee per Semester







  • Tuition fee may increase each year.
  • Overseas students must register for at least 2 semesters.
  • Overseas students must acquire student visa to study in Korea.

Refund Policy

Korean Language Courses Refund Policy
Classification Refund rate
In case of disapproval of visa issuance 100%
Before the semester starts
Within 2 weeks after the first day of the class 80%
Within 4 weeks after the first day of the class 50%
After 4 weeks from the first day of the class non-refundable
  • Admission fee is non-refundable in any cases.
  • Refund will be proceeded after the students has returned to their country.
  • Refund is only available to your account number.
  • Any wiretransfer fee that occurs throughout the refund process is on student.