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[2024 New Year’s Message] Advancing towards Dankook’s future with a ‘Mago Soyang (麻姑搔痒)’ mindset
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2024.01.31
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As we usher in the year of the dragon, we wish everyone in the Dankook family health and happiness in 2024. With this year being the ‘year of the blue dragon,’ which represents abundance and prosperity, we share with you these new year’s messages from Chairman Hosung Chang of the DKU Foundation, DKU President SoonCheol An, and President Sang-bae Lee of the Dankook Alumni Association


Mago Soyang (麻姑搔痒), opening the road to innovation and unity

Chairman Hosung Chang of the Dankook Foundation chose Mago Soyang (麻姑搔痒) as the phrase to embody hopes for the new year. The literal translation of Mago Soyang is that an angel with long nails comes and scratches where it itches, implying that you will be able to satisfy your needs and things will turn out as desired.

Chairman Chang encouraged Dankookites to support each other, extend a helping hand amid difficulties faced in higher education such as the shrinking school-age population and a freeze on tuition. He shared his hopes to make this the year for building a top-notch education and research system based on the Dankook spirit of challenge and creation.




Breakout year for innovation and challenge, marching toward Dankook’s centennial

Dankook University President SoonCheol An announced the ‘Vision for Dankook Innovation 5.0,’ which aims to drive leading innovation in educational research, establish DKU’s position as a global university, pursue sustainable development for the university, and strengthen our financial base. He shared that innovation is inevitable and no longer a matter of choice to realize the goal of ‘Proud Dankook, Strong Dankook.’

President An said this year, which commemorates the university’s 77th anniversary, shall be the year we embark on the grand journey of innovation and facing any challenges as we march toward 100 years of Dankook. Along with 240 thousand Dankook alumni, he shared hopes for DKU to advance as a prestigious global university in 2024.




May Dankookites soar higher and reach farther, like the blue dragon

President Sang-bae Lee of the Dankook Alumni Association relayed his wishes for all members of the Dankook community to soar higher like the blue dragon and reach farther toward their aspirations. He also shared his commitment to do his utmost to provide support in various areas for the 240 thousand DKU alumni to take pride in being a part of the Dankook family.