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The Korean Trombone Symposium 2024 ends in success, sparking global friendships through trombones
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2024.02.01
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On January 8, the Korean Trombone Symposium 2024 ended after a six-day journey at DKU’s School of Music where people from different cultures, who speak different languages, were brought together through the language of music.

Dankook University’s professor Gunyong Lee (School of Music, Instrumental Music Major) planned the symposium and invited world-famous trombonists to create a venue for young performers to learn and interact with fellow artists. With the age and nationalities of participating students varying widely, more than 100 students, including 20 from Columbus State University in the U.S., and universities in Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, took part in the event. Globally distinguished trombonists also joined from around the world, including Colin Williams, Bradley Palmer, Jose Milton Vieira, Brian Hecht, Zachary Bond, Jongse Park, and Gunyong Lee.

“Practicing hard together for six days, I became close with my Korean friends. It has been musically inspiring for all of us,” said Christopher Bassett, a bass trombonist from Columbus State University who took part in the symposium.

Meanwhile, Minchang Cheong from Dankook’s School of Music commented that “it was an honor to meet world-famous trombonists that I had only seen on YouTube. The symposium definitely helped me grow by performing and playing with others.”

Based on the new friendships formed, the symposium provided a stage for students to then perform together in the 2024 Trombone Contest, the Columbus State University Concert, Concerto Night from the Korean Trombone Choir, a musical ensemble, and a New Year’s concert.