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First YouTube live stream with DKU President attracts 10 thousand views
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2020.04.25
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First streaming session records 10 thousand views, peaking at 1,800 concurrent viewers and gaining 5,950 subscribers
DKU President’s words of encouragement and support for new Dankook members…widely welcomed by freshmen

'Danggul Live' on Dankook University's official YouTube channel invited Dankook University’s President to a live streaming session to talk to the 5,037 (2,540 in Jukjeon, 2,497 in Cheonan) freshmen starting their college life via distant learning. The first live stream, with contents for Dankook's newest members, took place at five thirty in the afternoon on March 26th and has recorded over 10 thousand views. The highest number of viewers at a given time was 1,800 as of 10 am on March 27th. 

Instead of a formal orientation and matriculation ceremony, the conversation was tailored for YouTube and grabbed the attention of viewers with relevant communication for new Dankookites. It offered freshmen information on the overall academic calendar, campus details, student clubs, student cafeterias, the hottest places to eat near campus, and even dating tips.

The live streaming session with DKU President Soo-bok Kim, Jukjeon campus Student Union President Seon-woo Min (Senior, Department of Applied Statistics) and Cheonan campus Student Union President Min-ho Kim (Senior, Department of Chinese Language) included a Q & A session, in addition to special events for viewers. Prizes such as an AirPod Pro (1 person) and mobile coupons for fried chicken (100 people) were given to select freshmen who sent in acrostic poems using 'Dankook University' or who took part in the pop quiz. 

Excitement was added as the streaming also included congratulatory messages from alumni, including Seoul Mayor Won Soon Park (Department of History, entered in 1979), history lecturer Min-seok Seol (Department of Theater and Film, entered in 1994), and actor Hae-soo Park (Department of Theater and Film, entered in 2000).

“These are tough times for us due to COVID-19, but we should gather our intellect to overcome this crisis,” said DKU President Soo-bok Kim who also added that “although we cannot gather together on campus for the time being, (I) will do my utmost to continue communicating with students regularly through YouTube Live.” 

Meanwhile, the YouTube broadcast for freshmen can be viewed again on Dankook University's official YouTube channel. The second live stream is scheduled to air at 5:30 pm on April 9th.