Office of Admissions
Office Responsibilities Tel
Admissions Team
  • Perform research on systems and policies related to admissions procedures (freshmen·transfer students)
  • Establish basic plans and execute admissions procedures (freshmen·transfer students)
  • Recruit domestic/overseas freshmen and transfer students
  • Promote Dankook admissions
  • Collect data and analyze admissions (freshmen·transfer students) systems and domestic/overseas policies
  • Manage special admissions for overseas Koreans
  • Select part-time students
  • Establish basic plans and promote entrance examination

[Jukjeon Campus]
2073~7, 2550~3
Fax. 031)8021-7112
031)8005-2079, 2554
Fax. 031)8021-7112

Rm. 104,

Beomjeong Hall

[Cheonan Campus]
Fax. 041)559-7779

Rm. 118-1,

Humanity Science Hall

  • Operate the admissions officer system and manage admissions procedures
  • Collect and analyze data on domestic/overseas admissions systems and policies of similar programs
  • Collect and analyze data on domestic and oversea high schools
  • Monitor university life and provide mentoring for students admitted through the admissions officer system
[Jukjeon Campus]
2577~8, 2962~3,
2965~8, 2970
Fax. 031)8021-7113
Rm. 106 & 107
Beomjeong Hall