The Dandae Newspaper, the Dandae Brodcasting Station and the Dankook Herald merged into the Dankook Media Center on September 10 2008. It now consists of the Dandae Newspaper, the Dankook Herald, D.K.B.S(University Broadcasting) as well as D-Voice (
Plus, dVoice ( is run which embraces four media, as well as five media such as the Dandae Newspaper, the Dankook Herald and D.K.B.S.


  • URL :
  • Opened date : March 18, 2008
  • Jukjeon Campus : Room 319, Student Union (☎031-8005-2423~24)

D-Voice manages 4 different categories for communication within Dankook University. It presents news articles, opinion columns, social and cultural projects, interviews, videos, reports, diaries, ideas, etc. D-Voice is an interactive media service all members of the university can access.

The Dandae Newspaper

  • Jukjeon Campus : Room 319, Hyedang Hall (☎031-8005-2423~4)
  • Cheonan Campus: Room 212, Student Union (☎041- 550-1655)
The Dandae Newspaper is one of the oldest university newspapers in the country, and was originally launched as Dandae Student Newspaper on March 1 1948. It underwent repeated developments, changing from Dandae Student Newspaper to Dandae Bulletin from August 1954) and Dandae Newspaper (from April 1 1961). By September 30th, 2008, it had published 1242 issues.
From the 900th issue and onwards, it adopted the vertical editing system from the horizontal system, and set an innovation in the production of university newspapers by introducing a computerized system from the 923rd issue.
It carries out the role of a creative medium, aggregating and dispensing the university’s public opinion and fostering its culture by reporting the truth. It jointly produces and publishes the Dandae Newspaper in the Cheonan Campus.

The Dankook Herald

  • Jukjeon Campus: Room 320-1 Haedang Hall (Student Union) (☎ 031-8005-2427)
  • Cheonan Campus : Room 213 Student Union (☎ 041- 550-1656)
The Dankook Herald was founded on January 1, 1972 to contribute towards creating a healthy public opinion and towards developing a vibrant university culture by offering opportunities to improve opinion expression.
The Dankook Herald is an English language newspaper published 5 times a year in magazine format, and plays a part in the globalization of the university’s student society by intensively reporting news inside and outside of the country.


  • Publish newspaper
  • Reporter training twice a year
  • Selects cub reporter(March, September) and training(four weeks)
  • Send reporters to the sister universities

D.K.B.S(university broadcasting)

  • Jukjeon Campus : Room 317 Haedang Hall (Studen Union (☎031-8005-2427~8)
  • Cheonan Campus : Room 208 Student Union (☎041-550-1657)

The Dankook Educational Broadcasting Station was established on the academic spirit of Dankook University on November 3rd 1958. It broadcasts 2 times a day and produce various cultural programs on current affairs, with the purpose of fostering culture and refinement.