Support Division for Student Counseling Jukjeon Campus
Department Services Tel
Academic Services Team Registration, change in academic schedule, grades, certification issuance, military leave, e-learning campus, e-learning(online) lecture 031-8005-2052~61
Office of Student Affairs Students Affairs Team Advising students' activities, student awards and disciplinary action, references, student ID cards 031-8005-2082~6


Scholarships and financial aid 031-8005-2090~3
Student community service information and support 031-8005-2085
Support Center
for students
with Disabilities
Provides support for disabled students 031-8005-2483
Career Service Team Dankook Leader’s Program, career planning and counseling, career fairs, information sessions 031-8005-2512~6
CS Management
CS Management Team  


Global Cooperation Team

Student exchange program, Language study abroad, Overseas internship, International Summer & Winter School

Global Education Center Global Education Team

Korean language course, International Student Admission


Accounting Team 031-8005-2161~7
Toegye Memorial Central Library 031-8005-2357~67
University Clinic 031-8005-2421~2
Dormitory Jiphyunjae, Woongbi Hall, Jilli Hall 031-8005-2906
Student Counseling Center 031-8005-2531~2/2548
Counseling Center for Gender Equality 031-8005-2533
College of Humanities Administration Team 031-8005-3002~4
College of Law 031-8005-3082~3
College of Social Sciences 031-8005-3301~4
College of Business & Economics 031-8005-3272~4
College of Natural Sciences 031-8005-3302~4
College of Architecture 031-8005-3367~9
College of Engineering 031-8005-3452~4
College of Education 031-8005-3692~3
College of Arts and Design 031-8005-3782~9
College of Music 031-8005-3882~3
College of International Studies 031-8005-3374, 3638
Evening Classes 031-8005-3952~3
College of General Education 031-8005-2520~4