D-2 Student Visa


  • Foreigners who want to study in the Republic of Korea

Application Period

  • 2 months before a semester starts (January/ July)

Documents to be submitted

  • Application form 신청서 , passport (original and a copy), 1 photo, copy of the business registration of the school, Certificate of Admission, Certificate of final grades, more than USD 13000 bank statement, kinship notarization in English / whole family's security notarized copy in English (for Chinese students), parent employment and income certificate, copy of student ID card, ID card copy parents, students insurance policy

Visa Issuance (Issued Visa Certificate) Procedures

Visa Issuance (Issued Visa Certificate) Procedures
[International Students] [Chinese International Students]
<Apply directly from your area>
  • If you are in your country: Apply for a D-2 student visa at the embassy of your country before school starts.
  • If you live in South Korea: Change short-term tourist visa (C-3-1, 90 days) to a D-2 student visa
<After being issued a visa certificate>
  • Applicant or the person inviting applies for a visa certificate at the immigration office ⇒ visa certificate issued (serial number)
[Common Information]
Visa application(embassy) ⇒ Visa ⇒ Entry ⇒ Alien registration card issued