The founding philosophy of Dankook University – National Salvation, Independence and Self-Reliance – originates from the personal ideals which our founders Mr. Beomjeong, Chang Hyong and Mrs. Hyedang, Cho Huijae had cultivated in themselves through turbulent times in Korean history. They had personally experienced the sorrow of losing their country under Japanese rule and eventually were convinced that independence could only be achieved through educating talented and patriotic individuals. The two founders realized that the educated had to use their abilities not for personal gain but for the nation as a whole, driven by a sense of national identity and historical/social truth. Indeed, they believed it was Dankook University’s duty to train such enlightened individuals.

View of School Building in those days in Nakwon-dong at the inception of the university.

In addition to such ideals, Dankook University cherishes truth and service as its guiding principles. It is our belief that the purpose of research and study lies beyond simply acquiring tools for sustenance – the ultimate purpose of higher learning is the enrichment of human knowledge and culture. Principally, scholars are obligated to return such knowledge to society and contribute to historical advancement. They must seek to develop sharp, critical minds and a righteous moral character; by doing so and voluntarily participating in the betterment of society as a whole, one embodies the path Dankook wishes to set forth. It has been the unwavering devotion towards realizing such duties of higher education and patriotism that has led to Dankook University's existence in its current form.