It is the Korean government’s law for all students in Korea with foreign nationality to enroll for health insurance.

Types of Insurance

  • Student’s personal health insurance that covers health care in Korea (Submit Insurance Certificate)
  • Korean Health Insurance (Submit Korean National Health Insurance Qualification Certificate)
  • General foreign student’s health insurance from a Korean accident insurance company

National Health Insurance


  • International students with National Residential Card or an Alien Registration Card

Required Documents

  • Certification of enrollment, Alien Registration Card

Place of Submission

  • Jurisdiction that deals with temporary place of residence and Alien Registration

Application Procedure

  • If applying on own, Certificate of Health Insurance is issued on the spot (after paying insurance fee for a month)

Health Insurance Fee

  • 50% of end of last year’s average health insurance payment of the district subscribers (D-2 and D-4 Visa Holders)
    ※ For more information, inquire National Health Insurance Committee (1577-1000,

General Health Treatment Insurance (Foreign Student’s Study Abroad Insurance from a national insurance company)

Dankook University International Office offers group insurance registration for student’s convenience and for reduced payment fee.


  • All foreign students who do not have their mother country’s health insurance or Korean National Health Insurance (Mandatory)

Coverage Information

  • [Outpatient treatment] Treatment received for an Accident, illness: Up to (One time) 250,000 Won coverage per day
    ※ Self-expense: General hospital (Clinic) 10,000 Won, General Hospital 15,000 Won, University Hospital 20,000 Won
  • [Admission Treatment] Treatment received for an Accident, illness: 90% of the total medical bill (Limited to 10 million Won))
    ※ Self-expense: 10% of the total medical
  • [Medication] Prescription Fee: Up to 50,000 Won (One time) per day
    ※ Self-expense: 8,000 Won

Insurance Fee: Less than 150,000 Won per Year (Student receiving scholarship that covers medical insurance fees are exempt from this)

Insurance Application Procedure


Submit Insurance Application at the International Office before the end of the semester


International Office selects an insurance company and enrolls students as a group


Receive Health Insurance Certificate

Insurance Claim Procedure


Make full payment at the hospital or pharmacy after treatment


Submit following required document at the International Office


After 1~2 Weeks, student should receive amount that the insurance company covers in his/her bank account

Required Documents upon making Health Insurance Claim

  • Insurance Claim Form, Bank Account, Alien Registration Card, Health Insurance Certificate, Treatment Receipt (in details), Prescription Fee Receipt, Medical Certificate


  • All foreign students can only obtain/extend their visa only after registering for a health insurance while enrolled in school
  • Insurance Registration is for 1 year and students must re-apply for insurance before its expiration date