The Global Village is a unique internship program for teaching conversational English, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese or Chinese to DKU students. Participants will lead small groups in daily language classes for three weeks before continuing onto the Academic Program. This is a great opportunity to develop friendships with DKU students and gain insight into Korean culture from personal experiences. Also, through teaching, you will gain valuable personal insights about yourself!

Teaching Languages

English / Spanish / German / Russian / Chinese / Portuguese / French / Japanese / Arabic / Mongolian


  • Current undergraduate or graduate students fluent in speaking one or more of the listed languages.
  • All GV participants must attend the Academic Program (AP).
  • Applications are considered upon receipt of the completed application.


  • Scholarship (Airfare reimbursement) up to USD1000 upon successful completion of teaching 2 sessions per day. (Teaching 1 session = USD500)
    • If the airfare paid is less than USD1000 (or USD500), the student will receive the airfare total listed on their receipt.
    • Airfare reimbursements will be provided in Korean currency.
  • Internship Certificate of Completion
  • Free on-campus accommodation during the GV period

Important Notices

  • Participants will be assigned randomly either at the Jukjeon or Cheonan campus.
  • Orientation is mandatory for all participants.
  • All GV participants must attend the Academic Program (AP).
  • If a student decides not to go onto the AP after completion of the GV or fails to successfully complete the GV, the student will not receive any benefits associated with GV participation.