About the Admission Procedure

Eligibility Requirements

A Person with at least a high school diploma or the equivalent

Required documents for language trainees (Students with C-3 or D-4 visas)

  • Application form, Resume, Study plan - Application Form Download
    (Korean, English, or in original language with an English translation)
  • Passport, 1 copy of a Certificate of Alien Registration
  • 1 Copy of ID (a copy of an official document showing all members of the family for Chinese students is required), Original official census registry documentation (for Chinese students)
  • Notarized version of certification of relationship between parents and applicant (for Chinese students)
  • Original diploma from most recently attended institution of learning
  • Transcript from above institution
  • Reference from principal (professor) or director of company
  • Proof of bank balance of either parents or applicant (requires a balance above US$10,000)
  • Proof of employment (income) of parents
  • Balance sheet or real estate certification (where applicable)
  • 4 ID photos
  • Reference in Korean (for working Koreans only)

About Others

Policies for Refunds

  • With D-4 Visa : Non refundable
  • Without Visa
    Without Visa
    Before the Start of Classes Within 2 weeks
    after the first day of class
    Within 4 weeks
    after the first day of class
    After 4 weeks
    after the first day of class
    Full Refund
    (Admission fee is non refundable).
    Refund 80%
    of Tuition fee.
    Refund 50%
    of Tuition fee.
    Non refundable.

Matters on Class and Attendance

  • Students can move up the next level only if 80% of attendance in total classes.
  • It is impossible for the students with 80% of attendance rate to extend the student visa.
  • 3 late arrivals and/or early leaves are counted as 1 day of absence.
  • Registration for a subsequent semester can be denied at the discretion of the institute, as in cases where it is judged that a student disrupts the learning of others with a poor attitude in class and is held back more than 2 times due to the shortfall of results.

Policies for Promotion and Scholarship

  • Promotion Standard It is possible to advance to a higher level only with an attendance rate above 80% and average marks above 70.
  • Scholarship Standards Students who have taken courses at Dankook University's International Language School for more than 6 months, have achieved an attendance rate above 90%, and received results placing them in the upper 5% of all students in Korean language lectures, are eligible for a scholarship.
  • The scholarship is deducted from the following semester's tuition fee.

Issuance of Certificates

  • Enrollment certificates, Attendance certificates, Transcripts They are issued the next day, if the certificate application forms are filled in and submitted to the School Affairs Section of the Global Education Center.