Office of Planning
  • Strategic Planning Team
  • Evaluation Innovation Team
  • Budget Team
  • Legal Affairs Team
  • University Innovation Project Foundation
    (Project Operation Team)
Secretarial Team
  • Secretarial Team

Vice President for Industry-academia Cooperation

Dankook Institute of Convergence Science(DICS)
  • Research Planning Team
  • Research Management Team
School Policy Oriented Research Institute
  • Research Institute of Information and Culture Technology
  • Academy of Asian Studies
  • Institute of Bio-Science and Technology
  • Institute of Tissue Regeneration Engineering
Subsidiary Research Institute
  • Institute of Architecture, Architectural and Urban Technology
  • Institute of Subject-Matter Study
  • Korean Traditional Ceramics Research Institute
  • Seismic Retrofitting and Remodeling Research Center
  • Multimedia Industrial Technology Institute
  • Institute of Legal Studies
  • Center for Dispute Resolution
  • Dankook Institute for Convergence Society
  • Research Institute of Future Industry
  • Research Institute for Industrial Technology
  • Institute of Japanese Studies
  • Institute of Material and Chemical Testing
  • Institute for Urban & Real Estate Studies
  • Special Education Research Institute
  • Convergence Institute of Autonomous Blockchain
  • Institute of Advances in Science and Technology
  • Personal Protection Equipment Center
  • The Wooseok Institute of Korean Territory Studies
  • Institute of Dankook Global Movie Contents
  • Research Institute for Policy Science
  • Institute for Nelson Mandela Peace Theory
  • Institute for Global Business Knowledge
  • Institute for Integrated Science Education
  • Research Institute for Convergence Design
  • Institute of Creative Human Resources Development
  • Research Institute for Korea-China Relation
  • Institute of  Korean Classical Literary Text
  • Institute for Sino-Korean Education
  • Behavioral Research Institute for Social Sciences
  • Global Venture Strategy Institute
  • Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences Education
  • Dankook Institute for Convergence Studies 
  • Research Institute of Advanced Omics
  • Institute of Basic Science
  • Research Institute of Bio-Resources and Environment
  • Institute of Advanced Materials Technology
  • Institute of Asian and American Studies
  • Medical Laser Research Center
  • Institute of Nanosensor and Biotechnology
  • Institute of Dental Science
  • Research Institute of Regional Affairs
  • Korea Culture Technology Institute
  • Tissue Regeneration Research Center
  • Institute of International Agricultural Cooperation
  • Life Science Pharmaceutical Research Center
  • Clinical Trial Institute
  • Institute for Mongolian Studies
  • Dankook Humanities Institute
  • Institute of Northern Cultures
  • Sports Science Research Institute
  • The GCC Institute
  • Institute of MEDI-Sports
  • Phohomedicine Research Center
  • The Arab Culture Institute
  • Francophonie Institute
  • Center for Human Risk Assessment
  • Smart Animal Bio Institute 
Government-funded Research Center
  • Center for Photofunctional Energy Materials
  • Organic Optoelectronic Materials Research Center
  • Intelligent Convergence SW Research Center
  • Wearable Thinking Center
  • Center for Engineering and Design
  • Supertall Building R&BD Center
  • Software and Design Convergence Center
  • Soft Chemical Materials Research Center for Organic-inorganic Multi-Dimensional Structure
  • Beckman Laser Institute Korea Center
  • Research Center of Nanobiomedical Science
  • Global Research Center for Animal Science and Technology
  • Center for Industrialization of Natural Food and Drugs
  • UCL Eastman-Korea Dental Medicine Innovation Centre
  • Bio-Medical Engineering Core-Facility
Industry-academia Cooperation
  • Planning Team
  • Management Team
  • Property Check Team
  • Research Support Team
  • Finance Accounting Team 
  • Research Project Auditing Team 
  • Business Cooperation Center
  • Technology Commercialization Center
  • Industry - University Collaboration Office 
Industry-academia Cooperation(Cheonan)
  • Planning Team
  • Management Team
  • Property Check Team
  • Research Support Team
  • Finance Accounting Team 
  • Research Project Auditing Team 
  • Technology Commercialization Center
I-Dasan LINC+ Educational Development Institute
  • Institute Support Division Training Team
  • Institute Support Division Support Team
  • Employment/Start-up Innovation Center
  • Dasan LINC School Administration Center
  • Field Training Support Center
  • Family Company Support Center
  • Industry-University-Intermediation Center
  • Dasan-Shared Instrumentation Facility Center
  • Social Innovation-Education Center(Jukjeon)
  • Social Culture-Design Center(Cheonan)
  • Smart Manufacturing Industry Center(Jukjeon)
  • Wearable Industry Center
  • Bio-Innovation-Industry Center(Cheonan)
  • Digi-Animal Bio-Industry Center(Cheonan)
  • Materials, Parts and Equipments Industry Technology Convergence Center(Cheonan)
Startup Support Foundation
  • Startup Operation Support Team
  • Center for Startup Training
  • Center for Startup Business
  • Center for Start-up Support Hub
  • Center for Business Incubation
  • Startup Center for the Green Next-generation Technology
LINC+ Innovation Leading University Project Institute
  • Center for Innovative Education Environment
  • Center for Innovative Education
  • Center for Employee Education
  • Project Support Team