The Center carries out general counseling related to campus life, as well as private counseling on personal matters. Group counseling, psychological examinations, etc., are also available. We are here to listen to the problems members of the university might have, and provide mediation sessions and support.

Visiting Us

Members of the university can request counseling services on any questions or problems through the contact details below:

Visiting Us
Distinction Jukjeon Cheonan
Counseling at the center Room 402, Business and Economics Hall , Mon. ~ Fri. (09:00~17:00) Room 205-1, Student Union, Mon. ~ Fri (09:00~17:00)
Counseling on the phone 031)8005-2531~2, 2548 041) 550-1292
Counseling by fax 031)8021-7165 041) 550-1293
Counseling by e-mail