Support Division for Student Counseling Cheonan Campus
Department Services Tel
Academic Services Team Enrollment, Registration(Leave, Return), Record, Certificates, Military Affairs(enlistment) 041-550-1221~4
Office of Student Affairs Student Affairs Team Student government activity advising, student awards and disciplinary action, references, student ID cards 041-550-1311~4
Scholarship Team Registration, change in academic schedule, grades, certification issuance, military leave 041-550-1321~3
Volunteer Corps Student community service information and support 041-550-1312
Support Center for Students with Disabilities Provides support for disabled students 041-550-1313
Career Service Team Dankook Leader’s Program, career planning, counseling, aptitude tests, career fairs, information sessions, DEF(Dankook Elite Program), career educational program 041-550-1331~6
Global Education Center Global Education and Service Team Interactions with foreign universities, exchange students, study abroad and foreign internships, ISS/IWS 041-550-1070~5
Accounting Team Enrollment 041-550-1411~3
Yulgok Memorial Library Reading and checking out books 041-550-1620~7
University Clinic Diagnosis and counseling 041-550-1658
Dormitory Housing information(Haksajae, Danwoo Hall) 041-550-1161~2
Student Counseling Center Counseling and mediation on student life 041-550-1291, 2, 5
Counseling Center for Gender Equality Sexual harassment and violence counseling and support 041-550-1293
Teaching Profession Support Team Teaching profession process, teacher's certificate, life-long education 041-550-1344
College of Foreign Languages Administration Team For advising from major-related professors about lectures, grades, scholarships, careers, facilities usage, references, community service, academic advising, refer to the course lecture schedule and office hours online before requesting counseling. 041-550-3102~4
College of Public Service 041-550-3202~3
College of Natural Sciences 041-550-3402~4
College of Convergence Technology 041-550-3502~4
College of Life and Resource Science 041-550-3602~3
College of Arts 041-550-3703~5
College of Sports Science 041-550-3802~3
College of Medicine 041-550-3903~7
College of Health Sciences 041-550-3011~2

College of Nursing


College of Dentistry 041-550-1902~4
College of Pharmacy 041-550-1402~4
Evening Classes 041-550-3305~6
College of General Education 041-550-1341~3