Issuance of Visa (Study abroad D-2)


  • Foreigners who wish to study abroad in Korea

Application Period

  • 2 months before the start of the semester(January/July)

Required Documents

  • Application form, original and copy of passport, 1 photo, copy of business registration certificate of educational institution, standard admission permit, certificate of latest school education certificate, certificate of deposit balance of USD 13,000 or more, family relations notarized in English//English notarized copy of family name in English (Chinese), Parents employment and income certificate, copy of student ID card, copy of parent ID card, International student insurance certificate

    Photo: Taken within the last 6 months, 3.5cm*4.5cm, color, white background, hoto showing both eyebrows and ears.

Visa Issuance Procedure (Confirmation of Visa Issuance)

  • [International Students other than Chinese nationality students]

    • International students who resides in their own country: Before the semester starts, apply and issue a study abroad (D-2) visa at the embassy of your country.

    • International students who resides in Korea:

      Apply for a change of status from a short-term tourist (C-3-1, 90 days) visa to a study abroad (D-2) visa

  • [Chinese nationality students] Apply for a visa after receiving a confirmation of visa issuance certificate)

    • The applicant or the inviter applies for a confirmation of visa issuance certificate at the competent Korea immigration center⇒ ②Issuing confirmation of Visa Issuance (number)⇒ ③ Application of Visa issuance (overseas diplomatic mission)⇒ ④ Visa Issuance ⇒ ⑤Entry to Korea ⇒ ⑥ Issuing Foreigner Registration Card

      ※ ③~is similar to all countries including China students