Notice on Dormitory Facilities Application

  • Students who admitted through foreigner special admission screening program are required to apply for dormitories through the Global Education (Service) Team at the International Hall.
    Dormitory application at the living hall office are only for Korean students while International students are not applicable for that.

  • International students who wish to stay at the dormitory ought to apply according to the fixed schedule after checking with the notice of the dormitory entrance.
    Application Method: 웹정보시스템학사정보국제교류외국인유학생생활관신청
    Students who do not apply within the application period will be considered of moving out from the dormitory on the next semester.
    Notice and period of application : May and November of every semester

  • International students who admitted through the foreigner special admission screening program may preferentially apply for quadruple room first (Jibyeonjae/Jilli Hall)

  • Dormitory application must be re-applied every semester

  • For students who have applied for dormitory, but did not check-in the dormitory without informing the university will be execute from staying the dormitory for the further semesters.


Priority selection qualifications


Required Credit


qualifications (GPA)

Year 1~3

12 credits

-From students enrolled in the second half of 2015

: GPA 2.0 or higher in the previous semester

-Beginning in the first half of 2019

: GPA 2.5 or higher in the previous semester

Year 4

6 credits

Living hall (Jibhyeonjae) International Students Cooking Room Operation Hours

Campus Venue Operating hours Remark
Jukjoen Jibhyeonjae B103 Afternoon 12:00~14:00
Evening 18:00~20:00
  • Tidy and clean up after using

  • Write down usage log

  • Cheonan Campus is entered by receiving key from the security office