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Two students from professor Jae-hoon Shim’s research lab at the Department of History, selected for the Global PhD Fellowship Program
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.10.02 (Modified Date : 2018.11.27)
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12180458Two doctoral candidates – Bonhee Koo(Doctorate program, East Asian History) and Seokjin Kim (Doctorate program, East Asian History) - studying with professor Jae-hoon Shim at Dankook’s department of history were selected for the Global PhD Fellowship Program.

According to the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea on September 6, Bonhee Koo was selected as the finalist for the 2018 Global PhD Fellowship Program jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and NRF. 

Koo will receive 30 million KRW in funding each year for three years from the NRF for her research on ‘Zhan Guo Ce (known in English as the Strategies of the Warring States) and the destruction of Chinese ancient history / Classification of Chinese Ancient history and its value as historic records.’ Koo’s research supplements the shortcomings of existing Zhan Guo Ce translations and plans to go on to validate its value in historic studies.

Seok-jin Kim was also selected for the Global PhD Fellowship program for his 2016 study on ‘Historic descriptions delivered by unearthed literature of ancient China (Tsinghua Bamboo Slips “Xinian” translator notes and analysis of its historic meaning).’ Kim’s research was based on completing the Korean translation of “Xinian” stored at Tsinghua University and looked at what meaning it holds in the history of ancient China.