Dankook University welcomes exchange students from our partner universities around the world. An exchange semester at Dankook will offer students the opportunity to learn from the best academics in their field, meet new, lifelong friends, and enjoy favorite tourist destinations such as Korea Folk Village.

Korean language courses

Korean language courses





(level 1)

Reading / Writing / Conversation / Listening

These are aimed at students who have no knowledge of Korean or students who just know the Korean alphabet.


(level 2)

Reading / Writing / Conversation / Listening

There are intended for students who know the Korean alphabet and some basic Korean expressions.

from Intermediate

to Advanced

Reading / Writing / Conversation / Listening

Grammar / Vocabulary & Expression / Presentation

These are aimed at students who 

These Korean language courses above are already included in the 'List of courses offered in English' in the previous page.

  • The beginner and elementary level courses are offered by the Global Education Center under the Office of International Affairs. There are offered to exchange students only. Each level has four different courses: reading, writing, conversation and listening. Students don’t necessarily have to take all four courses at the same time, but they can choose to take just one or two depending on their needs.
  • For intermediate and advanced level students, there are as many as 30 different courses to choose from. There courses are attended by not only exchange students, but also other degree-seeking international students at Dankook University.
  • There is no level test required prior to registration and students may choose courses based on their own judgment by looking at the course syllabus.

Course syllabus in English (for beginner & elementary level only)

  • For above-intermediate courses, the course syllabi can be found in the same way you search for other courses on DKU Portal.