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DKU alumni Hyekyeong Lee tops the Korean Bar Exam, her "secret to success is resilience"
Writer 글로벌전략팀 장지훈
Date 2017.12.01
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Dankook University alumni Hyekyeong Lee (freshman class of 2000, College of Law) passed the 59th Korean Bar Exam with the highest scores.

On November 7th, the Ministry of Justice announced 55 successful applicants for the Korean Bar Exam where Lee received 457.22 points in the second round and ended with a final average 60.96 points which is more than 5 points higher than the 55.09 point cutline.

Lee’s success did not come easy but is rather the result of true perseverance and resilience, never giving up on her dreams and continuing to take challenges despite discouragements along the way. In fact, Lee took the first round of the bar exam four times since 2009, and the second round 8 times. Successful applicants of the first round are given two chances to take part in the second round, but Lee failed to pass every time until now.

Lee said that “I was a typical so-called long-term ‘goshisaeng,’ having spent years preparing for the state exam. Naturally, there were many times when I wanted to give up. I was in and out of slumps, and it was tough when I did not make it even after spending more time studying. However, picking myself up time and again is what brought me to where I am today. Support from my family and boyfriend and finding my own way to overcome difficult times by reading are what helped me get through.”

She commented that “this time when taking the exam, I was thinking it would be great to just pass even in last place, so I am overjoyed to have passed first. I have been low key while preparing for the exam yet I am thankful for the many congratulation calls I received.” 

Recalling the mock criminal trial at the Criminal Law Association as the most memorable from her college years, Lee also expressed her gratitude to Dankook and her undergraduate professors. “It has been a while since I graduated, but I am grateful to have learned from professors Yongwoo Kwon, Yangbin Park and Dongsoo Song.”

In order to calm her excitement from passing the exam, Lee has already embarked on a new challenge. “I will be entering the Judicial Research and Training Institute this upcoming March which makes me nervous already thinking of all the eminent people who will be gathered there. That’s why I am preparing myself on how to study. I plan to continue studying as I have been doing in order to become a law clerk someday.”

Last but not least, Lee shared words of encouragement for her DKU juniors. “Recently, many Dankook alumni have successfully entered law school, and I know the university has a lot of outstanding talent. I believe that it is important for legal professions to always remember what it was like for them at the beginning. There comes a time while studying when you forget and start to take things for granted, but I hope everyone can remember that even those little steps taken forward are invaluable.”