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Professor Hee-seok Yang’s Research Team Develops Bone Regeneration Treatment Using Milk-derived Protein
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2022.10.28
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Dankook University’s Professor Hee-seok Yang (Department of Nanobiomedical Science) and his research team have succeeded in developing a ‘scaffold for enhancing bone formation’ for the effective regeneration of damaged bone tissue using protein (casein) extracted from milk.


Damaged bones usually need a scaffold to form an appropriate environment for immune cell and stem cell uptake and differentiation, but there have been frequent side effects from existing scaffolds such as undermining the effect of drugs. Professor Yang’s team derived protein (casein) from milk and developed a scaffold that enhances bone formation for bone grafting needed in affected areas.


Bone regeneration with the newly developed scaffold showed over 20% more bone mass and 6-times more bone density in the mouse calvarial defect orthotopic model and ectopic bone formation experiments compared to the control group.


This research paper was published in the June 2022 edition of Bioactive Materials (IF=16.874), a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal similar to SCIE in the field of bioactive materials. The title of the paper is “Rationally designed bioactive milk-derived protein scaffolds enhanced new bone formation”.