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Fostering Talent in Emerging and Cutting-edge Industries
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2022.09.08
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Project teams in the fields of future automotives, semiconductors, and intellectual property (IP) at Dankook University were selected for the government’s ‘Talent Cultivation Program for Emerging Industries and Cutting-edge Industries.’ Accordingly, a total KRW 3.6 billion in state grants will be extended over the course of three years to nurture talent in these fields. Dankook will deliver curriculums tailored to the needs of these high-tech industries while receiving government support for scholarships, personnel costs, facilities, and equipment.


The selected areas are the Future Car Technology Convergence Innovative Talent Cultivation Program, the Semiconductor Track Program, and the IP Convergence Talent Cultivation Program.


To nurture professional talent needed in developing and producing future cars, the Future Car Technology Convergence Innovative Talent Cultivation Program will offer consulting on curriculum design to meet the needs of industries and build short-term professional courses that include setting up cutting-edge equipment such as Nvidia hardware, simulators, and electrode-making devices for batteries for a hands-on experience.


Meanwhile, the Semiconductor Track Program plans to establish a system to develop professional talent for semiconductor engineering in line with the new Convergence Semiconductor major being offer at DKU in 2022 and the Convergence Semiconductor Engineering Department, which is scheduled to launch in 2024. The program focuses on building a learning environment tailored to industry demands as well as developing and delivering a curriculum fit for the field to upgrade performance while going on to engage in follow-up specialization projects.


The project for nurturing IP convergence talent will invest KRW 960 million in fostering future experts by bringing on board the technical expertise of professors in IP related capabilities in convergence semiconductors with Professor Seung-ki Lee, cutting-edge new material with Professor Kayoung Kim, and biohealth with Professor Jong-hwa Jang. The lead research professors will help cultivate research talent for these new industries while extending comprehensive support in IP courses, professor training, content development, and scholarship assistance to develop skilled talent in these areas