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‘History at a glance’, DKU History Museum introduces ‘Online VR Exhibition’
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2021.03.18 (Modified Date : 2021.04.14)
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Experience the university’s history through the DKU History Museum’s ‘VR Untact Exhibition’
Displaying over 46,000 pieces of the university’s history from university founder Beomjeong Chang Hyong’s office to the Dankook Capsule of Hope

The DKU History Museum opened an ‘Online VR (Virtual Reality) Exhibition’ where you can see the university’s history of the past 74 years at a distance. The Dankook History and Culture Center’s DKU History Museum (Director Gyeong-sik Park) planned the online VR exhibition for all Dankookites, including new students, to experience the essence of the university’s history and feel proud to be a part of global Dankook. The online VR exhibition is especially popular among freshmen who have been unable to tour the campus due to COVID-19 restrictions as it gives them a closer look at the university’s history. [▶Go to the exhibition:]

The DKU History Museum’s Online VR Exhibition is made up of a 15-minute educational video, not only for new students but also for all members of the Dankook family, based on a total 46,000 historical items (▲20,000 documents, ▲over 1,000 artifacts, and ▲25,000 visual sources). The VR exhibition attracts attention as it captures the history and spirit of the university and delivers it to new students through the Youngwoong semester’s [DK Roadmap] program.

The online VR exhibition is composed of 56 sections under 15 chapters - ▲Bird’s Eye View of Campus ▲Dankook History Museum ▲Prelude to a Nationalist Private University ▲Dankook’s Symbols ▲Our Founders ▲From Founding to Becoming a Comprehensive University ▲Evolution of the Campuses ▲Journey of Challenge and Creativity ▲Dedication and Voice of Dankook ▲Archives ▲Dankook Sports ▲Truth and Service ▲1 University, 2 Campuses ▲ Capsule of Hope and ▲ Dynamic Dankook.

The online exhibition uses VR technology to give an immersive and exciting experience of the DKU History Museum’s exhibition halls. They include: ▲Exhibition Hall 1 - Focused on the university’s history, including the founding statement, founder’s educational philosophy, and timelines. ▲Exhibition Hall 2 - Portraits of former university presidents and chairmen of the Board of Trustees, miniature models of the Seoul (Hannam-dong), Jukjeon, and Cheonan campuses, 3-wall projection mapping. ▲Exhibition Hall 3 - Under the theme ‘The Voice of Dankook,’ Dankook’s activities that took place around the world ranging from the democratic movement and university relief efforts in fields such as sports, medicine, and volunteer services based on the spirit of challenge and creativity and the guiding principles of truth and service.