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News of success continues as DKU students are admitted to law schools and pass the customs broker license exam
Writer 글로벌전략팀 방민혁
Date 2021.03.18
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Dankook University students are in the spotlight for successfully passing the 2021 Law School Admissions exam (13 students) and Licensed Customs Brokers exam (4 students).

13 students accepted by law schools…systematic support extended to students by DKU’s ‘law school prep course’ proves effective

Recent news that 13 DKU students and alumni were accepted by law schools proves Dankook’s excellent ‘law school prep course’ is a source of strong support for our students. It is recognition of the value of the systematic programs provided by the College of Law to students beginning from when they enter Dankook up to graduation. The academic system, which requires students majoring in law to exert all efforts on studies to graduate, and the close mentoring between professors and students contributed to the largest number of successful candidates this year.

Currently, approximately 80 students are enrolled in the College of Law’s ‘law school prep course.’ The sophomore and junior students are studying hard to manage their grades and sharpen their foreign language skills and are focused on reading and engaging in discussions to prepare for the LEET (Legal Education Eligibility Test). In addition, study groups and mock interviews with professors are being held to prepare for admission interviews.

“It is unfortunate that there is little participation in the law school prep course by non-majors (those majoring in departments other than law) compared to other universities,” says Professor Cheoljoon Chang (Department of Law) who went on to add that “[we] look forward to more non-law majors to also join the prep course to illustrate the value in the many opportunities available through its strong program and consulting.”

The 13 students accepted to law schools are △Byeong-hyeon Song (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Yong Kwon (Dept. of Law, class of 2019) △Gyeong-rok Kim (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Beom-seok Kim (Dept. of Law, class of 2017) △Dong-in Cheong (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Yong-hoo Choi (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Byeong-cheol Ahn (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Seong-hyeon Yu (Dept. of Law, class of 2019) △Ji-hye Cheong (Dept. of Law, class of 2017) △Yeon-heui Cho (Dept. of Law, class of 2018) △Woo-yeong Cho (Dept. of Law, Senior) △Tae-won Kim (Communications Division, Senior), and △Da-yeong Lee (Business Administration, class of 2016).

Four alumni from the College of Business & Economics among the less than 20% of people to pass the customs broker exam

Four Dankook alumni were among the list of names announced by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea last December who successfully passed the licensing exam for customs brokers. The success rate this year was 19.86% with only 149 of the 750 candidates passing the final cut score.

The four Dankook alumni are △Min-jeong Kim (Business Administration, class of 2020) △Seol-bin Yang (Business Administration, class of 2011) △Sebin Oh (Dept. of International Trade, class of 2015), and △Jun-hee Kang (Dept. of International Trade, class of 2016).