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Students from Penn State University Visit DKU’s Start-up Program
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2024.04.08
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On March 8, a student delegation from Penn State University in the U.S. visited Dankook’s Jukjeon campus to explore the DKU start-up program.


Twelve undergraduate students, including Charlotte Patterson from Penn State University’s College of Engineering, kicked off their stay by observing professor Hyojung Koo’s (Department of International Business Administration) ‘IT and Business Administration’ class in the morning. Following that, students attended a special lecture presented by Sangho Lee who founded, a prosthetic solutions company, with assistance from DKU’s Startup Support Foundation. After listening to Lee’s story behind establishing the company and learning about its product development process, students tested’s robotic finger prosthesis which recently won the Best Innovation Award at CES 2024.


The delegation also stopped by the Seok Juseon Memorial Museum to enjoy the extraordinary aspects of Korean culture through folk costumes and artifacts. They were greeted by five student ambassadors who volunteered as ‘buddies’ to introduce the visiting students to Korean campus life, not to mention the tasty Korean-style braised chicken called jjimdak.

“It was a memorable time, talking with fellow students who share similar interests in studies, hobbies, and college life while also learning about each other’s cultures,” said Daekeon Yoo (Senior, School of Communications), President of DKU’s Global Ambassadors.


Meanwhile, DKU President SoonCheol An met with professors Ted Graef and Brad Groznik of Penn State’s College of Engineering to discuss how students from Penn State can participate in Dankook’s International Summer School program while also exploring an agreement between the two universities for international exchanges. The discussions were also joined by Assistant Vice President Jisuk Chang of DKU’s Office of International Affairs and professors David Kelleher and Hyojung Koo.