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Ceremony Held to Celebrate Dankook University’s 76th Anniversary and Pay Tribute to Dankook’s Founders
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2023.11.27
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On November 2nd, a ceremony was held on Dankook University’s Jukjeon campus to mark the university’s 76th anniversary. The ceremony aligned with the 59th memorial of DKU founder Beomjeong Chang Hyong and the 76th memorial of founder Hyedang Cho Huijae.

Joint Memorial Service for the 59th anniversary of Beomjeong Chang Hyong’s passing and the 76th anniversary of Hyedang Cho Huijae’s passing

A joint memorial service for DKU’s founders was held at the Dankook University History Museum’s convention center. Dankook Foundation Chairman Hosung Chang and Honorary Chairman Choongsik Chang were among the attendees along with DKU President Soon-cheol An, faculty members, family members of the founders, and student representatives who all gathered to pay tribute and reflect on the noble cause for which the university was established. As part of the ceremony, participants placed flowers in front of Chang Hyong’s portrait while listening to a recording of his voice from when he was alive.

DKU 76th Anniversary Ceremony held to “look back on the university’s proud history…and strengthen commitment toward realizing 100 years of Dankook”

Following the memorial service, the university’s 76th anniversary ceremony was held at the Nanpa Concert Hall with more than 600 participants attending, including members from the Dankook Foundation, school officials, and recipients of a special award given in celebration of the university’s anniversary. Attendees looked back on the university’s proud history of 76 years and renewed their commitment to leap forward toward ‘100 years of Dankook.’

“Seeking truth and honing wisdom to establish a foundation for restoring true talent to contribute to this world”
[Dankook University Mission Statement]

“As we proudly celebrate Dankook’s 76th anniversary, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all members of the Dankook family, including our faculty, staff, alumni, and sponsors who have helped the university overcome many obstacles -big and small- throughout the years and nurture exceptional talent,” said DKU Foundation Chairman Hosung Chang in his commemoration remarks. He went on to say, “I applaud everyone for your hard work that, despite difficult conditions, has allowed us to continuously attain major government-funded projects such as the Campus Innovation Park and Convergence and Open Sharing System (COSS). Your efforts have helped us sharpen our research capabilities and promote industry-academia partnerships to create the best learning environment for our students.”

Meanwhile, DKU President Soon-cheol An said, “based on remarkable accomplishments in industry-academia partnerships in next-generation industries such as semiconductors, future automotive, biomedicals, and hydrogen energy, Dankook University attracted a total KRW 100 billion in external research grants as of the end of October,” and went on to ask “all members of the university and the 230,000 Dankook alumni to come together as we march toward Dankook’s centennial.”

DKU Alumni Association President Sang-bae Lee also shared his hopes saying, “it is an honor to have graduated from this prestigious private university that contributes to the nation and its people by cultivating outstanding talent. Witnessing my alma mater start a new chapter in its history, I will also do my utmost along with our alumni association to realize the university’s vision of becoming a first-class university.”

To celebrate the university’s 76th anniversary, the Dankook University History Museum (Director Jong Su Lee) published The Iron Birch’s Dream. The e-book depicts the life of DKU founder Beomjeong Chang Hyong as an independence activist and covers the history of our university, which is the only private college that was founded with domestic capital during Korea’s colonial period.

The book touches on Chang Hyong’s inspiring spirit of ‘suppressing the strong and helping the weak (抑强扶弱)’ which deeply resonates with all Dankookites. The e-book, which can be found on the Dankook University History Museum’s website, is an easy and informative read for all audiences from middle and high school students to adults who wish to learn about Dankook’s history.

In addition, faculty and staff members who have continuously served the university were awarded with recognition during the ceremony.