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Groundbreaking ceremony for Dankook University Hospital Cancer Center, "250 beds to be completed by 2021"
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2019.05.15
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Three stories underground and an additional seven stories tall, the building will provide 250 beds to be available in October 2021

The ‘Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Dankook University Hospital Cancer Center’ was held on the morning of April 11 at the Dankook University Cheonan campus. More than 300 guests from home and abroad attended to share their hopes for the successful construction of the new Cancer Center; honored guests included President Choong-sik Chang of the DKU Board of Directors, DKU President Hosung Chang, Director Woo-seong Park of the Dankook Medical Center, CEO Jong-tae Cho of the Dankook University Hospital, Mayor Bon-young Koo of Cheonan City, and Chairman Myeong-su Lee of the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee.

Dankook University Hospital decided to build the cancer center in order to protect the local community from ‘the number one cause of death among Koreans,’ cancer. The cancer center, scheduled to be completed in 2021, will have 10 floors – 3 underground and 7 above ground (total floor area of 29,869.91㎡) with 250 beds. It will consist of separate centers dedicated to different types of cancer, in addition to a health enhancement center and an endoscopy center.

The Cancer Center will have a comprehensive cancer treatment system with different cancer centers for thyroid and breast cancer, stomach, colon and peritoneal cancer, liver, biliary tract and pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and blood cancer. Once the center opens, cancer treatment that has been dispersed across the hospital will be integrated and new talent and medical equipment are planned to be added. 

The latest medical equipment such as NGS (next generation sequencing) analysis equipment and linear accelerators will be introduced or supplemented and multidisciplinary integrated diagnosis will be offered with medical staff working together to prepare top-notch diagnosis and treatment plans for customized treatment through gene analysis. A psychology clinic that diagnoses and treats psychological symptoms such as mental stress and depression among cancer patients will provide a new type of cancer treatment system that is distinctive from what has been previously offered. When the Cancer Center is completed, the Dankook University Hospital will become a large-scale general hospital with over one thousand beds.