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Dankook University in the spotlight of Hankyung’s Science and Engineering University Evaluation: “16 billion in startup revenue‧ranked number 1 in students enrolled in entrepreneurship courses”
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.08.14
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DKU has the most students enrolled in entrepreneurship courses and ranks second for most manpower dedicated to startups. Incubated ‘House Media,’ a startup with 2 billion in annual revenue.

Selected as a leading university for startups for 5 consecutive years and reborn as the startup mecca of the Seoul metropolitan area.

Dankook University received acclaim in the startup category of the ‘2018 Science and Engineering University Evaluation’ hosted by the Korea Economic Daily (Hankyung) and Global Research. 

Dankook, which has been selected as a leading university in startups by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups for five consecutive years, offers extensive support to students and the public to make their startup efforts a success. As the numbers prove, with the second highest number of staff dedicated to startups, DKU is committed to incubating new ideas and businesses.

Dankook currently operates approximately 40 student clubs related to startups, supporting them with as much as 5 million KRW. Even students who are nervous or overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a business can succeed with the help of the DKU Enterprise Support Foundation. All they need is a bright idea. The Foundation sponsors the entire process, from developing technology and prototyping to test production and finding potential sales routes.

Students have responded to the efforts made by the university. With the ‘highest ratio of students enrolled in entrepreneurship courses,’ the passion for starting a business can be seen in how students have seized the opportunities open to them and transformed DKU into the startup mecca of the Seoul metropolitan area.

The Korea Economic Daily covered Dankook’s efforts and achievements in supporting startups in an article in its July 27th issue.

The article reported that ’House Media,’ the startup that made the ‘House’ app, which anyone interested in home interior design has used at least once, recorded revenues of 2 billion KRW last year. This startup was the winner of the startup contest hosted by the DKU Enterprise Support Foundation in 2017. The article went on to say that “the DKU Enterprise Support Foundation, which launched in 2014, has generated revenue worth 16 billion KRW and has created 210 jobs over the years with its systematic and practical operations.”

In addition, “Dankook highlights its ‘startup-friendly campus’ where prototypes made through the Enterprise Support Foundation are applied across the campus. For example, a new concept for pedestrian traffic lights developed recently by one of the startup student clubs was installed around the campus for pilot operations.”