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Selected as a priority university research center to "lead seismic retrofitting for safety against earthquakes"
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.07.17
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Under the leadership of Director, Sanghyun Lee, Dankook University’s Seismic Retrofitting Remodeling Research Center (SRRC ) is leaping forward as a professional research institute to lead earthquake-resistant remodeling projects to make Korea safer when faced with potential earthquakes.  

DKU’s SRRC was selected as a priority university research center in the science and engineering field as part of the project hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea and sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The SRRC will receive as much as 6.25 billion KRW over the course of nine years in financial support for its research. The center is scheduled to build a database of seismic performance records related to soil, structures and finishing materials in school buildings, support columns, public housing, etc. 

“Even for the same building structure, damage inflicted by earthquakes can differ depending on what kind of soil the building was constructed on or what type of finishing materials were used,” said Director Sanghyun Lee of the SRRC. He added that “the SRRC will build 3D data models on the soil, structure and finishing materials of existing buildings, develop self-diagnosis software to determine seismic performance and implement a seismic reinforcement system.”

According to the research team, this project is different from previous studies as it is focused on the correlation between soil and finishing materials when it comes to earthquake-resistance, rather than concentrating on building structures alone. In addition, it will boost relevant industries by developing safe and economic seismic reinforcement technology and enhance economic efficiency through its compatibility with the soil intelligence system. 

Lee explained that “the center hopes to leap forward as the leading private research institute in the field of earthquake-resistant design and reinforcement leveraging ICT and will do our utmost to roll out outstanding engineers and strengthen our position as the center for seismic research and education to build a safe living environment for people in preparation against earthquakes.” 

Recently, the SRRC received support from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups for the ‘ICT Convergent High-rise Seismic Engineering Department’ to exert efforts in nurturing seismic engineering experts and specialists.