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Seung-hwan Lee in the global spotlight with his handsome looks and personality
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.06.22
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Seung-hwan Lee wins the ‘2017 Mister International’ pageant 

One of the most popular parts of the Cheonan campus festival on May 16 was the stage prepared by the Department of Sports Science’s body building student club. There was one student in particular that was especially popular on stage. It was Seung-hwan Lee (senior, Department of Recreation and Leisure Sports) who recently took first place at an international pageant.

The pageant selects the best among the most handsome men gathered from around the world and Dankook’s very own Seung-hwan Lee was chosen as the winner of the ‘2017 Mister International Pageant.’ The competition was held at the National Theater of Yangon in Myanmar’s capital city on May 30th with contestants from more than 50 countries competing. Mister International is one of the three major male pageants along with Mister Global and Mister World. In addition to being distinctively handsome, contestants are evaluated on their intelligence and character through interviews. It has been especially exciting as this was the first time a Korean came in first place at a major international male or female beauty pageant. 

Lee was appointed to represent Korea after taking the winning position in the ‘2017 Mister International Korea’ competition, which searched for ‘Korea’s most handsome man’ last year. He was in the spotlight as he was chosen as the winner of the domestic competition out of 25 contestants who made it to the final rounds including physicians, announcers and researchers from major firms. 

Lee says that he was able to gain a lot of experience by taking part in domestic competitions after making his first attempt by coincidence. While preparing for the global stage, he not only worked on exercising and dieting but also sharpened his speaking skills. When asked how he felt about winning an international competition, Lee replied that, “it is an honor to be able to come in first place at both a domestic and an international competition and it was all possible thanks the strong support and help that many people extended to me. Professor Kim Ki-hong’s guidance and the self-discipline I learned from the student body building club all came together to create synergy.”