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Even heavy rains could not dampen the youthful passion as Dankook came together at the 2018 Dankook Festival
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.06.22
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Student clubs and organizations set up booths and held performances amid a safety conscious environment from May 15~17.

Celebrities attracted attention as they kept their promises with students; Psy held a free concert and Loco donated 10 million KRW to the university development fund.

The 2018 university festival that brought Dankook together in the name of ‘youth’ has closed its curtains. For three days from May 15th to 17th, the Dankook University Festival was held at both campuses with various events including flea markets, busking performances, treasure hunts, and rides prepared for students to enjoy. 

Although there were some difficulties such as cancellations of some events due to heavy thunder storm, the Office of Students Affairs and Student Council on both campuses set up student club event booths and held performances amid a safety conscious environment. Meanwhile, students observed safety rules and showcased mature civic awareness throughout the three-day event.

In line with the Ministry of Education’s ‘no liquor’ policy, the Jukjeon campus offered limited food stalls while colleges handed out free beverages to their students. The Cheonan campus had already been practicing the ‘no liquor’ concept and brought food trucks to provide a wide range of culinary options to students. 

This year, singers Psy and Loco who came to perform at the festival also attracted attention with their ‘good deed’ stories. 

Psy kept the promise he made last year to “give a free performance at the Jukjeon campus festival in 2018.” During his performance last year at the Jukjeon campus, there was an accident where a student collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. Psy paid for the student’s hospital bills and thankfully, the student quickly recovered. Psy was touched by the poise and order displayed by the fellow students in the process and said he would come back to perform for free.


Rapper Loco who performed at the Cheonan campus last March when independent student organizations were launched said that he was unable to give a satisfying performance because of the condition of his voice at the time. He said that he “would make up for it if [Dankook] invites me back to the university festival to perform again.” The Cheonan campus invited Loco to its festival and he returned with a breathtaking performance, not to mention a 10 million KRW donation to the DKU development fund.