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DKU’s Department of Chemistry selected as the best performing academic department, recognized by notable companies
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.05.25
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Operating a demand-oriented curriculum that actively incorporates input from leading industry fields

High satisfaction regarding the outstanding curriculum that nurtures talent for the cosmetics industry


Dankook University’s Department of Chemistry was selected as an outstanding academic department in the ‘2017 Industry Perspective University Evaluation,’ recognized as a best practice benchmark in building a demand-oriented educational environment.

In the results of the Industry Perspective University Evaluation announced by the Korea Council for University Education on April 18th, Dankook’s chemistry department was named as the department delivering the most outstanding curriculum by the cosmetics industry. Reflecting demand in the cosmetics industry, DKU’s Department of Chemistry set up 8 new classes related to cosmetics and expanded its intensive curriculum in bio-based chemistry courses. The chemistry and bio convergence courses were made to nurture basic knowledge needed for the development and production of cosmetics while helping enhance understanding across the overall cosmetics industry. 

In addition to courses, such as ‘Understanding of the Cosmetics Industry’ and ‘Practice Analysis of Cosmetics,’ having an educational environment closely connected to the actual industry field is key; the department’s offerings of on-site training at cosmetics companies and promoting Capstone design were noted as good examples. A high level of satisfaction was expressed by industry executives and representatives from organizations such as the Korea Dermatology Research Institute and Bio Costech. This led to Dankook being selected as the university offering the most outstanding curriculum for fostering talent needed by the cosmetics industry.