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Rebirth of DKU with UNITY where the 4th industrial revolution is already underway
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.05.25
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※ UNITY (UNiversity-Industry cooperated infiniTY): Building capabilities related to the 4th industrial revolution throughout one’s lifetime through infinite cooperation between universities and industries

While everyone talks about the need to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution, there is a university that has already started its engine for the new era. Artificial intelligence has been introduced to the academic system and all students enrolled at the university must take classes related to the 4th industrial revolution. Based on strong industry-university partnership knowhow, this university helps nurture future-oriented capabilities in students. The university is Dankook University and the UNITY program is at the heart of these efforts. 

Since being appointed as university president in 2008, DKU President Hosung Chang elevated Dankook University’s research achievements and its education environment from domestic levels to reach global standards to compete with renowned universities around the world. Last March, Dankook University was selected as a leading university in the 4th industrial revolution as part of the LINC+ program hosted by the Ministry of Education. Innovation in the learning environment and curriculum will be driven to foster the capabilities needed in students for the 4th industrial revolution (convergent knowledge – critical thinking – communication – creativity – collaboration).

The new concept of ‘UNITY’ proposed by Dankook University brings industries and the university together through infinite cooperation to help students build the capabilities needed in the new era throughout their lifetime. The college education program develops determined spirits in freshmen students, communication and cooperation skills in sophomores and juniors and the drive to practice such competencies in seniors. The talent fostered through this process will advance into businesses and follow career paths that progress from engineers to developers to managers. 

■ "No more worries about getting a job, thanks to DESP"

DESP (Dankook Enterprise Simulation Program), Dankook University’s customized curriculum module to support employability, cultivates talent that can be immediately assigned to the workforce. DESP is an employment focused curriculum where specific companies participate in the end-to-end process from classes on theory to simulation workshops to internship opportunities.

Unlike general internships that offer temporary opportunities to acquire job experience, companies are involved in the entire education process, which allows participating students to become ‘tailored talent’ needed by the given company upon completion of the program.

■ Korea’s first artificial intelligence campus

Along with innovation in education and employment, Dankook University is also revolutionizing the learning environment for students. ‘DanAI,’ an AI chatbot, is being introduced across the entire academic system to create an atmosphere similar to something expected from ‘universities of the future.’ Implementation began in 2017 with services scheduled to open in the first semester of 2018.

DanAI makes school life entirely different from what we know now. The chatbot has already acquired information on academic programs, courses and career designing options available at Dankook. Students can ask DanAI questions as if they were chatting with a friend without being limited by time or space; DanAI will provide optimized answers quickly and accurately.