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Honorary doctorate degree bestowed upon IOC President Thomas Bach
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.04.16
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On March 9, President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee was presented with an honorary doctorate degree in political science at the Nanpa Music Concert Hall located on Dankook University’s Jukjeon campus.

Bach made great contributions toward easing tensions on the Korean peninsula and making the PyeongChang Olympics a success by supporting the participation of the North Korean national team in the Winter Olympics and a joint entrance with the South Korean team during the opening ceremonies. In addition, based on his seasoned experience with the International Olympic Committee, he has set a clear vision for the committee regarding its function, direction and the president’s role.

Dankook University decided to present President Bach with an honorary doctorate degree in political science as his life and achievements dedicated to the advancement of global sports and peace are aligned with Dankook University’s educational direction of ‘truth and service.’

“Dankook University, which I can now call ‘our’ university, has made great contributions to sports, becoming a key area in Korean education throughout the past 70 years,” said Thomas Bach in his acceptance speech and added that “it is an honor to be receiving an honorary doctorate degree from a university that has close ties with the Olympics. I will continue to work hard to spread the value of sports around the world together with DKU.”

Dankook University has strived to serve humanity through sports and enhance peace. DKU has nurtured numerous sports stars in less popular sport disciplines such as rugby, rowing, skiing and ice skating. Chairman Choongsik Chang of the DKU Board was the Korean Olympic Committee vice chairman at the Beijing Asian Games in 1990 and inspired the international sports arena by successfully forming a unified Korean team at the time and through nine inter-Korean sports talks.