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DKU selected as a 'leading innovative university for the 4th industrial revolution!’
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2018.04.16
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Dankook University has been recognized by the government for its efforts and continuous innovations toward the fourth industrial revolution in areas such as AI campuses, Design Thinking education and being a software-oriented University.

On March 27th, Dankook University was chosen as a leading innovative university for the 4th industrial revolution as part of the LINC+ program hosted by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation. A total 10 universities were selected by provinces nationwide; Dankook was proudly named to represent the metropolitan area.

The leading innovative university program selects and supports universities that can foster talent to head prospective new industries in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. These universities foster educational environments and pursue innovations in their curriculum to cultivate ‘convergent knowledge’ and ‘4C’ (critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration) capabilities.

Relevant organizations and academic departments at Dankook University worked together to push forward with this program. With the support of the I-Dasan LINC+ Project Group (led by Jinwoo Eo, Vice President for Industry-academia Cooperation), a new project group (led by Sunghan Rhim) was formed with the Department of Mechanical Engineering (lead department), the Department of Architectural Engineering (participating department) and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (participating department).

DKU President Hosung Chang leads the program as the chairman of the 4th Industrial Revolution Education Innovation Committee and the aforementioned departments will carry out the project with support from the I-Dasan LINC+ project group.

Courses, such as ‘Design My Life’ and 'Design My Profession,' are being developed to provide students aspiring to become the talent needed for the fourth industrial revolution with the opportunity to explore various occupations of the future.

“Universities must lead change instead of merely accommodating it,” said President Hosung Chang as he asked to “look forward to Dankook’s transformation in creating the future through educational innovation that nurtures talent to lead the future via industry-academia partnerships while defending the pride of universities raising the ivory tower.”