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Prof. Young Seok Song sets an example in industry-academia partnerships through technology transfer
Writer 글로벌전략팀 장지훈
Date 2017.12.01
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Dankook University professor Young Seok Song (department of fiber system) made a technology transfer worth 100 million KRW of his ‘tool temperature control technology using thin film heater’ to SM Tech Inc. 

Professor Song’s technology uses thin filters to rapidly raise or drop the temperature of desired spots on the surface of molds (a metal frame that is used to make shaped objects). 

Precise control of ‘tool (mold)’ temperature in injection molding (a process where plastic material melted by heat is put into a mold for configuration), one of the most well-known polymer processing procedures, is a key element in determining the quality of end products, so relevant industries have desperate needs for Professor Song’s technology. 

SM Tech, which received the technology transfer from Professor Song, was also in need of tool temperature control technology to create micro precision medicine and electronics polymer products. This technology is expected to be used to produce injection molding for skin implants going forward. 

Professor Song commented that “previous skin implants used thread, but now polymer processing can be used to make skin implants thanks to this technology transfer.”

Meanwhile, this technology was developed with the support of Dankook University’s LINC+ project group and the Gyeonggi Regional Research Center (GRRC).