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New Foundry Engineering Graduate School program launches to nurture system semiconductor specialists
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2022.06.11
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Dankook University’s Graduate School is launching a program for Foundry Engineering - recruiting students starting this fall - to nurture system semiconductor specialists needed in various fields, including autonomous driving systems, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge IT devices.

The Graduate School offers masters, dual masters and doctorates, and PhD programs for professional education and research related to semiconductor manufacturing tracks (front-end/back-end processes). Practical skills for overall semiconductor manufacturing will be taught with the front-end (or foundry) track targeting processes, process consolidation, equipment, and thin-film evaluation while the back-end (OST) track will focus on packaging material, packaging processes, understanding semiconductor IC features, reliability tests, and quality engineering.

Science and technology graduates (or graduands) can apply with a concentration program available for new students who did not study semiconductors to focus on basic courses such as physical electronics, semiconductor devices, circuit theory, and electronic circuits in their first semester. This will be followed with intensive courses and various programs that enhance semiconductor research capabilities to build stronger research and practical skills.