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Overseas Volunteer Corps visit Nepal and Myanmar…Serving in 8 countries on 46 occasions
Writer 글로벌전략팀 김유인
Date 2020.02.13
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The Overseas Volunteer Corps from Dankook’s two campuses made visits to Nepal and Myanmar to provide social services during winter break and practice the university’s guiding principles of ‘Truth and Service.’

The 35 members of the Jukjeon volunteer corps (led by Dean Hyeong-soo Kim of the Jukjeon campus Office of Student Affairs) spent 16 days, from December 23 to January 7, in the Dhading district of Nepal to offer education programs for local students. The volunteer group prepared educational materials in science, math, music, art, and physical education and provided a fruitful program for the 200 students at Dhading’s Sunaulo Bhairabi secondary school.

In addition to regular classes, the volunteer group performed Korean traditional dances, including the fan dance, K-POP dances, and cheerleading to promote Korean culture. They also stepped up to take part in maintenance work on outdated facilities, such as repairing the school building, creating wall murals, and installing a water tank to store drinking water.

Meanwhile, 28 members of the Cheonan volunteer corps (led by Dean Ki-hong Kim of the Cheonan campus Office of Student Affairs) travelled to Yangon, Myanmar for 9 days, from January 4 to 12. At the No 5. Basic Education Primary School North Oakala, the volunteer group taught 250 primary school students subjects, such as Korean language, science, art, and physical education. They also helped paint the school walls and gate, not to mention fix broken facilities to create a more pleasant atmosphere for the children. Along with volunteer work, the group presented the 450 students studying at the school with gifts of school bags, lunch boxes, colored pencils, paint, scissors, glue and other school supplies and snacks. 

Dankook’s Volunteer Corps, which were founded in 2007, have since had over 2,200 students and faculty members take part in service trips on 46 occasions, including in Cambodia (14 occasions), Mongolia (11 occasions), Nepal (7 occasions), Myanmar (6 occasions), Laos (5 occasions), Vietnam (1 occasion), Uzbekistan (1 occasion), and Indonesia (1 occasion).