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STAR-Academy launches “Driving Practical Applications in Science and Technology”
Writer 국제교류팀 최지영
Date 2022.10.28
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Representing universities from around the country selected for the STAR-Academy project (Science and Technology Acceleration for Region + Academy), Dankook University held a launch ceremony at the SW ICT Hall on the Jukjeon campus on September 7th. This launch marks the beginning of a journey to nurture professionals with master’s and doctoral degrees to accelerate commercialization of science and technology. 


Being selected for the project, DKU set up the Department of Science & Technology Policy Convergence at the Dankook Graduate School and has started working on utilizing and sharing local science and technology achievements. 


The new department will operate as a ‘Practical Science & Technology Graduate School’ designated by the Ministry of Science & ICT, receiving KRW 6.8 billion in government subsidies by 2027. It will foster talent in over 40 professionals each year with master’s and doctoral degrees taking the lead in putting technology to practical use in the fields of digital healthcare and cutting-edge machinery driven by artificial intelligence. 


Professor Sunghan Lim, head of the STAR-Academy project team (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Innovation Institute for Future Education), shared the blueprint for the project, saying that “[we] will set up and deliver a curriculum for over ten thousand people including those currently in the field, as well as future entrepreneurs, to provide graduate school education and help drive the commercialization of science and technology at both public (specialized research institutes) and private institutions.”