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‘Opening Dankook’s future technology to companies’ D★-Lab launches with information on the University’s 920 patents and technology transfers
Writer 국제교류팀 방민혁
Date 2022.02.16
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On December 13th, DKU’s Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation opened its ‘D★-Lab blog’ and commenced services for businesses and provincial governments in technology transfers and business development in the areas of 6 promising future technologies: 5G‧SW‧Security, Material Parts, Biomedicine, Treatment and Diagnostic Devices, Industry Bio, and Renewable Energy, in addition to the field of hydrogen energy.

With the goal of offering tailored technology support to companies, D★-Lab is equipped with information on 920 of the latest patents acquired by Dankook University since 2015, technology transfer fields and processes, interviews with 30 select researchers, and has a corner for technology demand inquiries. Including core material technology related to hydrogen energy (KRW 1.8 billion), D★-Lab is expected to contribute to addressing difficulties faced by small-and-medium sized businesses by sharing technology transfer success stories and the specifics of the technology transfer processes.

“We look forward to D★-Lab serving as a bridge in industry-academia cooperation by providing content including recent interviews with researchers on select cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial models that can be leveraged by venture startups,” said Dankook University President Soo-bok Kim. D★-Lab was set up as part of the Ministry of Education’s ‘sponsorship program for utilization of university creative assets.’